• Green Committee
  • Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
  • Lights Set at Half Power; When Not in Use
  • Paper, Plastic and Aluminum Recycling Containers


  • Recycle Aluminum, Plastic and Glass
  • Minimized Use of Plastic Water Bottles
  • Recycle Paper Used for Event Attendee Pad


  • Green Seal Certified Cleaning & Paper Products
  • Linen & Towel Reuse Program
  • Energy Efficient Lighting & A/C Units
  • Blue Recycling Containers
  • 100% Smoke Free
  • Co-generation System Provides Energy Conservation & Efficiency


  • Irrigated with Reclaimed Water
  • Herds of Goats used as Natural Landscapers … It’s True!
  • Compost Own Landscape Waste for Re-Use on Property
  • On-Site Nursery to Grow Seasonal Plants & Flowers
  • 8-Acre Astro-turf Driving Range Prevents Need for Watering Grass


Resort guests are benefiting with more consistently controlled air and water temperatures and plumbing. Additional changes made include:

  • All of the equipment upgrades to the central plant and the A/C / Heating systems are tied into a computerized building automation system that allows us to schedule, maintain and monitor central plant operations including A/C, heating, water and equipment.
  • The facility cooling is accomplished by making ice at night when electricity rates are less expensive and using the ice during the day to cool the building.
  • Water for the kitchens and rooms are heated through high efficiency hot water heaters instead of the old steam boilers that wasted (quite literally) 2 tons of energy per year.
  • Heating for the facility will be generated through high efficiency water heaters.
  • The A/C controls are upgraded to allow accurate and sustained control to all meeting and public spaces, including Cima.
  • All of these systems will be monitored through a new building automation computer that will make needed adjustments to maintain these systems.
  • The lighting retro-fits start on the parkway tree lighting with LED lamps that use less than 1/6th of the previous energy. The Driving Range is brighter and uses substantially less energy. The lighting project ends at the top of the tower, providing the latest efficiency in lighting fixtures and controls available today.
  • Pacific Palms Resort’s energy use is actively tracked and monitored to ensure the savings are realized.
  • The Ike & Babe Golf Courses are kept green with 100% recycled water, reducing our dependence on fertilizers and pesticides, and promoting healthy plant growth.

These upgrades help us take care of our guests and planet Earth more effectively and more efficiently!